The Houston Texans were embarrassed last night, both on the field, and on social media


So prior to scoring 0 points last night, the Houston Texans tweeted this:

SMDH. You can’t be running polls like this on social media hours before trotting out the hot garbage that was your offense last night. I mean this with all honesty, the Houston Texans set the NFL back 12 years. That was one of the most piss poor performances that I have ever seen. Brock Osweiler is only capable of throwing the ball 4 yards out of bounds and forcing DeAndre Hopkins to make toe drag circus catches. That is NOT a recipe for success in the NFL. Gotta use the whole field.

I’m not here to talk about this game specifically, I’m here to talk about the even more embarrassing performance of the Houston Texans social media team. What they did last night is a disgrace to social media people everywhere.

I’m a social media guy by trade, so I have eyes like a hawk when it comes to shit like this. You have to stand by your word Houston. The original tweet itself was pretty ballsy. Assuming that your team is going to score a touchdown at all takes some brass. As a fan of a terrible team, I know that you can’t make bold statements like this. Take no points for granted. You absolutely cannot delete a tweet like that if you get shutout though, that’s the big issue here. You need to leave that tweet up and take your licks. If I deleted tweets that made me look stupid, it would look like I have tweeted around 5 or 6 times ever. Now, you posted a dumb tweet that someone inevitably screen grabs, you delete said tweet, and rather than people making fun of you for being stupid, they’re making fun of you for being stupid and afraid of getting made fun of. Social media is a business of trial and error, so I’m sure people will just let the Texans learn from this, and let this one slide:

Ok. Maybe not.


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