Old Florida man beats up another old man over a game of shuffleboard


The Smoking Gun– Pinellas County Sheriff deputies said Herbert Hayden got into a verbal arguement with the man at Pinellas Park Senior Center, punched him in the face and then “hit him with his shuffleboard cue,” The Smoking Gun reports.

Think you’re going to cheat in shuffleboard at this senior center in Florida? Not on Herbert Hayden’s watch. Herbert is a man of honor. An enforcer on the shuffleboard court. You want to bend the rules? Herbert’s going to put you in your place.

What makes the game of shuffleboard so beautiful is the unwritten code that comes with it. In baseball, if you pimp a home run or flip your bat, you’re going to get one in the ear hole. In hockey, if you hit another team’s goalie or star player, a 4th line goon is going to drop the mitts. Break the rules in shuffleboard at a certain Pinnellas County retirement community? Herbert Hayden will beat the ever-living shit out of you with a shuffleboard cue. I respect the hell out of Herbert here though. Herbert can go out after his 4PM dinner and play shuffleboard without having to worry about Gertrude from 4C shaving points out there. That’s the kind of peace of mind that a man needs in retirement.


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