The Bills fired Greg Roman after Rex Ryan was forced by front office to appease angry Bills fans


People ask what Twitter is for. Is it a news app? Is it a social media app? Why would I share my thoughts in 140 characters or less, that kind of brevity seems pointless. Well, when you have millions of outraged Bills fans calling for big changes for 17 years, eventually somethings gotta give. Bills fans rejoice! Our angry armchair GM tweets finally worked. The Bills are listening and they made a move. Whether or not it’s the right move is yet to be determined.

On Thursday while the Bills were doing absolutely NOTHING on offense, the defense was busy getting absolutely roasted by the Jets. I like to think that Rob Ryan being in the building 100% contributed to this, but I will also say that this is the worst I’ve EVER seen Darby and Gilmore play at the corner. So yes, firing Greg Roman can’t hurt, and hopefully Anthony Lynn can bring some pizzazz to the offense, but I have a feeling this will just be one more sad season for Bills fans, and the team will be lucky to get 4 wins.


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