This right here is why college football is the best


What an absolutely ridiculous play to end the game and send number 22 OK State packing. Central Michigan, who typically has no business sniffing the jockstraps of OSU goes out there and runs one of the most ridiculous Hail Mary passes that I’ve ever seen. Not only does the pass get completed, but then we see the lateral as time expires actually work. VERY rarely do we get to see something like that.

The refs are now saying that Central Michigan shouldn’t have been able to run that final play, due to a penalty, but lets choose to be believers still because it’s not every day that you get to see an amazing upset that ends on a hook-and-ladder Hail Mary.

Sure the NFL game on Thursday was amazing, and the talent level of college football players typically pales in comparison to NFL teams, but the pageantry and upsets that you get in NCAA sports really just don’t happen anywhere else. The last play that ended an NFL game in such amazing fashion happened in a certain Music City playoff game that will remain unnamed.


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