What’s that? Another Bills starter is suspended for smoking weed? Oh, good.


Bleacher Report – Buffalo Bills offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson is facing a four-game suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse policy, the team announced Friday. 

Ok. I’m serious this time. Please, for the love of all things holy GET THIS GODDAMN TEAM UNDER CONTROL, REX. This is now the 2nd starter and 3rd player overall that is suspended for their extracurricular activities (that don’t involve domestic disputes). I’m getting pretty sick of having to write this exact same post every 2 weeks. I would like it if we could go more than 14 days without a major suspension. Especially given the injury bug that already tore through the team in the preseason.

At least this suspension I understand, however stupid it still is. Seantrel Henderson suffers from Crohn’s Disease, which I imagine is probably pretty uncomfortable to play football with. So maybe, MAYBE, he was smoking the hippy lettuce to ease the symptoms from that. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt because everything I’ve read about Crohn’s makes it sound pretty shitty. Either way, there has got to be a way to manage the discomfort that are within league rules, and I like to believe that Seantrel as the head on his shoulders to at least have had that thought cross his mind. Then again, maybe he just likes smokin’ doobies.

We won’t know how badly any of these suspensions will effect the team until week 1, which happens to be Sunday. Buckle up folks, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.


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