Congratulations everyone, we made it. Football is back.


We did it. We made it through the doldrums. The wind has picked up and we’re setting sail. To where you ask? To football season my friends. The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here.

Futbol? GTFO


Baseball? NOPE.


We have nothing but blue skies ahead until February, so let’s take a moment and look at what we’ve got going on tonight.

The Denver Broncos are  coming off a Super Bowl win and with that comes the loss of Peyton Manning. The Sheriff (no one ever called him that) has ridden off into the sunset. And what are the Broncos left with? Trevor Siemian. Former Northwestern great. A true B1G quarterback if ever there was one. This guy fell ass backwards into a starting role for the defending Super Bowl Champions. In Trevor’s defense, he did start a bunch of games and win a pretty big bowl game in college. What’s that? He didn’t? He only started 14 games in his entire college career? He lost 45-6 to an extremely mediocre Tennessee team? Oh, my mistake. Best of luck tonight, Trevor!

As for the Panthers, they’re out for revenge. I have a feeling that Cam Newton will come out firing and set the tone early for the Panthers. He tends to play with a chip on his shoulder, and I have to believe that losing like they did in the Super Bowl left a pretty bad taste in his mouth. Kelvin Benjamin is finally healthy, and can give Cam just another target on an already pretty loaded offense. We’ll see how he comes off that knee injury. I just hope that Cam dances his face off and spurs some early-season-angry-white-people think pieces.


I honestly don’t care how this game turns out. We’re back, and we aren’t going anywhere (until February)! Game’s about to start. Blast the nips and cue the music!



Join the fun all season long!


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