Big Fat Karlos Williams got his Big Fat Ass Cut by the Bills


In a somewhat surprising turn of events, Karlos Williams was released by the Buffalo Bills. In a move that I must assume was made to get the team back under the maximum weight limit of the team busses, the Bills released their second round draft pick of 2015. As great as he played last season, he’s a repeat offender, and he’s constantly going after trolls on Twitter. Not a good look for a professional athlete, especially one that has not only been unable too prove himself in the league yet, but has also been suspended twice in his first two years in the league.

I’m sure Karlos, in between Twitter spats with Bills fans and his fiancee, must be sitting at home wondering what went wrong. How is it that a running back showing up to camp weighing slightly less than the starting center can get cut? Some people see a smart business decision, but I see fat shaming. The Bills are essentially setting a precedent that says, “if your job is dependent on you not being fat, and you show up fat, then you cannot do your job and we will release you.”  What kind of sick world are we living in? Don’t the Bills know that every body is beautiful? I’m sure the internet could find some way to be outraged about this, just give it some time.

If you just, for a moment, take off your Social Justice Warrior colored glasses and live in the real world, certain people cannot do certain jobs because of their size. I, for example had my dreams of being a professional jockey dashed when I reached 4th grade and passed 4’5,” and if you are a running back that is listed at 230 lbs, and show up at 260, you’ll be cut. Thems the rules. The only difference is that Karlos can use this as a wake up call, and make a comeback with a team that needs depth at RB, where as I am destined to a life of coming in last place every year in semiprofessional horse racing (apparently there are no weight classes, kind of unfair if you ask me).

I give it half a day before the Pats are on the phone with Karlos, just you watch.




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