Police in Buffalo discovered a meth lab underneath a WalMart parking lot


Washington Post – A giant, graffiti-filled storm sewer beneath a Walmart parking lot in Upstate New York may have housed a shocking setup: an underground laboratory used for making methamphetamine, police said.

Authorities in Amherst, a suburb of Buffalo, have opened an investigation into the suspected meth lab some 12 feet under the superstore parking lot, along a busy thoroughfare that leads to the town’s shops, according to local news reports.

“I was completely astounded,” Amherst Highway Superintendent Patrick G. Lucey told the Buffalo News. “It’s like, are you kidding me? It’s just not something you run across. I’m sure it can happen. Anywhere at any time somewhere where there’s the opportunity and the motive, it can happen. But this was definitely something new.”

Amherst police, assisted by state law enforcement, made the discovery beneath the parking lot Monday afternoon during a “preventative patrol,” according to CBS affiliate WIVB.

“Routine patrol, that’s what we do every day,” Amherst Police Capt. Scott Chamberlin told the station, adding, “We check in various areas that people who might be up to no good, might be using for no good.”


Talk about a one stop shop. WalMart really does have it all. If this is some sort of new strategy to take on Amazon, then I love this move. The one thing that Amazon can’t do right now is deliver crystal meth. I can quite literally order absolutely anything on Amazon. If I need to poop and I’m out of TP. I can go on amazon from my phone and in 15 minutes a delivery person will be knocking on my bathroom window. That’s how convenient it is, and the scary part is that I’m only slightly exaggerating. This meth lab is on some Heisenberg level shit though. Building that thing underground in broad daylight, and until recently, being able to do it without detection. That’s a pretty amazing feat if you ask me. Let’s look at how the lab was discovered. If you’re going to build an underground meth lab under the local WalMart, it would be wise to know where the local WalMart has the local PD do their weekly checks. If they make a habit of checking down in the storm drains, maybe don’t build and run your meth operation out of the storm drains. 

This just happens to be the most WalMart crime that could have been committed. Meth is such a WalMart drug. I would have been absolutely floored to learn that anything else was being build under the parking lot in the Amherst WalMart. I’m actually quite surprised that one of the employees wasn’t just selling it right out of their checkout lane. That’s just the contract you sign when you walk into a WalMart. It sounds to me like Steve Harding didn’t quite read the fine print before he went shopping that day:

“This isn’t the kind of thing you’d expect in a place like this, that’s the bottom line.”

Uhhhhh, yes it is Steve. Finding a meth lab under a WalMart is exactly the place that I’d expect it. Sounds like Steve needs to leave his Amherst bubble and take in a good deep breath of reality/meth fumes.


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