The ultimate crime stopper: Boston Police add an Ice Cream Truck to their Fleet


WHDH –  The Boston Police Department has unveiled an $89,000 ice cream truck as the newest addition to its patrol fleet.

The truck, adorned with balloons and Boston police decals, was introduced Monday at police headquarters in the city’s Roxbury neighborhood. It will be used as part of “Operation Hoodsie Cup,” a community policing initiative that has distributed roughly 120,000 free ice cream cups since 2010.

I absolutely love this move from BPD. Some might say it’s an $89K dollar waste of money, but I say it’s an 89K dollar stroke of genius. You see, ruthless criminals are just like you or me in the sense that they are constantly running from the consequences of despicable acts they’ve committed  love ice cream. Who doesn’t love a good ice cream cone? What I don’t love, is going to get a few delicious scoops of frozen heavy cream, only to be arrested by one of many police officers stuffed inside the ice cream truck in full SWAT regalia (which is how I’m choosing to imagine that this ice cream truck will be used, so get over it.)

It strikes me as cruel and unusual to use this ice cream truck to spread joy to the underprivileged children of Boston, while career criminals are not able to enjoy a frosty treat, due to the risk of being apprehended. That seems unfair to me, but I guess that’s why the saying is “stay in school and don’t commit violent crimes.” Lack of ice cream is just one more shining example of why crime doesn’t pay (or, if you’re going to commit a crime, you could at least embezzle money from a large corporation, stop being poor.)  


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