Good samaritan gives drunken gun safety lesson in a Pennsylvania deli


WHP – A Pennsylvania man was arrested for reportedly trying to give teenagers a gun safety lesson while “highly intoxicated” with a firearm he wasn’t licensed to carry,police officials said.

The Carlisle Police Department were called to an incident at 601 W. Louther Street for a man with a gun.

Officers say they saw Christopher Schmuck at the front of the Quick Stop Deli.

Police say he was attempting to give teenagers gun safety tips.

Investigators say at one point the weapon had a live round in the chamber.

In the heat of one of the most tense times in our great nation’s history, we need good samaritans more than ever. We need people who will step up, and aren’t afraid to tackle the the tough topics. One of the topics that most needs addressing is guns. Gun safety, gun violence, gun regulation. Well the hero of our story, Christopher Schmuck, is just what America needs right now. He won’t tip toe around the hot topics, he’ll get drunk, order a pastrami on rye, and give your children a lesson in how to deal with loaded firearms at 2AM. I guarantee you not one of those kids forgets this drunk Schmuck’s lesson on gun safety. I can safely say that most people will remember every single word that is ever spoken to them at gun point. I am taking an educated guess here, as I have not personally had this happen to me, but I think we can all agree on this one. Who are your kids going to listen to about gun safety, the local police officer that stops by the school to say, “Now kids, guns are bad?” No. Your kids will listen to the blacked out lunatic toting a loaded glock at the local deli while they nurse their munchies.  

Personally, after reading this story, I think that our boy Chris was profiled against. Was it because he was drunk and illegally carrying a concealed firearm? No. It was because he has neck tattoos. Now, in this case, he did happen to be carrying an unregistered, loaded gun, but we can’t just go accusing everyone we meet with neck tattoos and facial piercings as criminals. Is there a good chance that they definitely are criminals that either dabble in illicit drugs and or weapons? Yes. But that is beside the point. I for one, will not rest until our epidermally decorated brethren are spoken for! Or until they do something stupid again, whichever comes first. #NotAllNeckTattoos


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