Congratulations to you, Cleveland


Congratulations. You did it, Cleveland. You’re still the Mistake by the Lake, but you captivated a nation and put on arguably one of the best NBA finals of all time. Say what you will about LeBron James, but on the court he is easily in contention for GOAT. LeBron James is one of the greatest physical athletes of all time, regardless of your feelings towards any of what he does off the court, on the court, he’s fun as hell to watch.

Let’s get to the celebration. I’m convinced that JR Smith may never put another shirt on again. He took it off at a club in Vegas, and we haven’t seen it since. When the team plane landed this morning in Cleveland, there was JR in all his topless glory. Granted he was probably still drunk/had continued drinking the entire plane ride home, but I think at this point he has given up on the cotton titty-prisons that the rest of our prudish species has come to depend on.


Moving along… We got to see Kevin Love have the greatest night of his life. Something he never would have seen in Minnesota. Even if he was the butt of jokes all season and it appeared that no one on the team liked him, the man’s got a ring.



Last time I checked, it doesn’t say “Team Scapegoat” on the world champion rings, it just says “World Champions” (Feel free to fact check me on this one. I have no idea.

Finally, we’ve got Matthew Dellavedova. The post game MVP. For everything LeBron was on the court, Delly was off of it. Specifically speaking, he was the guy in a Hawaiian shirt drinking Corona out of the can at a club in Vegas.


This is a guy that can play for my team any day. That team being the SUNY Geneseo Lacrosse Alumni team. Delly is first ballot All-Weekend without a doubt.
That game, and series as a whole, will go down as one of the greatest of all time, featuring one of the greatest players of all time. Maybe you didn’t watch all of the playoffs, or even all of the series, but if you call yourself a sports fan, watched game 7 and didn’t have chills for the entire game…then you’re dead inside, and there’s nothing I can do for you.


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