Karlos Williams got fat and blamed his wife’s pregnancy


ESPN Buffalo Bills running back Karlos Williams showed up out of shape to mandatory minicamp Tuesday and later claimed his poor conditioning was because of his fiancée’s recent pregnancy and her associated food cravings.

“I like to eat and then her being pregnant gave me an excuse to eat, so eating anything and everything,” Williams said. “She’d wake up, one or two o’clock, ‘I want a snack.’ Well I’m not going to sit here and watch you eat because I don’t want you to feel bad, but it’s back to football. She’s getting back to working out herself, so kind of motivating each other, feed off each other’s energy, and we’re getting ready for camp.”

We’ve all been there. You work hard to get your body into pristine physical condition. You put in countless hours doing cardio and weight training. You get highly recruited to play Division I football, and fulfill your lifelong dream of becoming an NFL player. Next thing you know, you’re 23, your wife is pregnant with your 4th child, and she’s hungry. You eat with her because you don’t want her to feel bad. You pack on 30 or so too many lbs, and the internet is making fun of you because you’re fat. No? That hasn’t happened to you? Oh, me either, I just didn’t want to gang up on Karlos here.
I do see where Loso is coming from however. I gained about 45 lbs my freshman year of college due to peer pressure. Everyone is always going out to eat every night, and it’s rude not to join them. If you do join them, you don’t want to be the square who goes out and doesn’t eat something. I mean it’s the best pizza place on campus. If you order a large, you get the most pizza for your dollar (which you don’t have many of) and then you can keep the leftovers for the rest of the weekend. 2 hours pass and you’re chewing the final bite of what was to be lunch the next day. Uh oh, now you’re out of food, it’s lunch time, and you’re hungry. That’s cool, Nick is going to the pizza place again, you can just tag along. Rinse. Repeat. I’m just syaing, I feel your pain Karlos. The difference is that he will work it off. But if he doesnt, and if he kept the 4.46 40 speed, and runs like a taller, actually athletic Mike Tolbert, I’m all in. #Billeve


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