An 8 year old got served a Not Your Father’s Root Beer at a TGI Friday’s in Vegas


(SOURCE) An eight-year-old boy was served an alcoholic beverage instead of root beer at a T.G.I Friday’s in Las Vegas.
Tyler Schwab, who has a heart defect and is prescribed ADHD medication, was at The Orleans hotel and casino with his family.
When he received the root beer he ordered, he took a few sips.
“What do you call that? Throw up root beer?” Tyler said when speaking to KNTV. “Cause that’s what it tastes like.”
Uh yeah he was….it’s Vegas. If you get a little alcohol on your rootbeer, or maybe your powdered sugar donut is actually covered in cocaine, that’s the price you pay when you go to Vegas. The first rule of Vegas, is that you don’t talk about vegas. What happens in vegas stays in vegas, and Tyler broke the rules. If anything it should be Tyler being punished, not TGI Friday’s. Let’s look back at who’s brought what to the table:

Tyler – whines that he got a little bit of free alcohol on a family vacation, and broke Vegas rule number 1.

TGI Friday’s – Did a promotion where you got bottomless mozzarella sticks for 10 dollars.

Point TGI Friday’s.

And what a snob this Tyler kid is. Just look at that quote:

“What do you call that? Throw up root beer?” Tyler said when speaking to KNTV. “Cause that’s what it tastes like.”

I’m sorry that Tyler’s a fan of Coney Island or Best Damn Root Beer, but beggars can’t be choosers. You know what I’d do to be given a free beverage somewhere? Let’s just say it would make Mardi Gras look like a Wiggles concert. Tyler was handed a free drink and instead of being grateful and not a snitch, he’s whining that it tastes like puke. Keystone Light tastes like puke too Tyler, but i’ll drink that if it’s free. You’ve got to roll with the punches and lighten up a bit. Don’t be too hard on TGI Friday’s, they were just trying to teach you a valuable life lesson that you weren’t ready for. I blame your parents.


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