Unban PED’s: A plan to save professional sports


(Source) Three-time Olympic silver medallist Tatyana Firova questioned why athletes aren’t allowed to take banned substances, saying sportspeople wouldn’t be able to “achieve high results” without them.
Firova, a former 400m runner, was revealed last month to be one of the athletes to retrospectively fail a drugs test dating back to the Beijing 2008 Games.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. Leave it to one of the Russians who got  nailed for doping in the ‘08 Olympics to bring up this point.

Russia: oh you’re not allowed to do that? We’ll change the rules.

That said, Tatyana makes a VERY valid argument. What’s more fun to watch, a pitching duel? Or Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa both hitting 90 home runs a season? What do you prefer watching, black and white highlights of the NFL in 1960? Or a bunch of genetically modified human missiles flying around decapitating each other at full speed? Exactly. And do you know how we got to where we are today in the world of sports? That’s right. Drugs. Good ole fashioned grada A drugs. Some of the best entertainment in sports has been the result of PED’s. Lance Armstrong overcame cancer and won a million Tour de Frances, all with just the power of sheer determination, the will to win, a hypodermic needle, and some HGH. Where else can you get that kind of excitement from drugs?

I think that drugs should be restricted only to professional athletes, however. I don’t want to set a bad example for the kids. High school and college athletes should have to work their way up the ranks like everybody else, and then as soon as they get to the pros can start juicing like an Orange Julius. Think of the revenue we’d generate! When I say that drugs need to be restricted only to professional athletes, I mean that, ATHLETES only. I don’t want to come over to your house and watch your dad blow a bunch of Adderall and do his taxes, I want to keep things strictly athletic. Only the stuff that makes for great TV. If I have the right to poison myself every Sunday with toxic amounts of Domino’s, than who’s to say these grown ass men can’t poison themselves in the name of competition? That’s what America is all about, baby.


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