This fight between a bald eagle and canadian goose would be worth every penny of Pay Per View




(SOURCE) An amateur photographer who was vacationing at a resort in B.C captured a rare encounter between a Canada goose and a bald eagle.
Lisa Bell of Browser, B.C., was with her family over the weekend when she spotted the eagle landing on top of the goose. “I scooted to get my camera, and when I came back down he was still there. The goose basically was playing dead,” she told CTV Vancouver Island.
As the confrontation unfolded, Bell snapped away, capturing what some are calling an epic showdown between the two iconic birds.
So how did the scuffle end? The goose managed to escape the eagle’s grip.

Take notes Floyd Mayweather, or better, have someone take notes for you, as I have a feeling given your inability to read that writing is probably not one of your strong suits. This eagle came to dance and the goose never had a dream of winning this fight. For a hockey country that likes to fight, Canada should take a step to toughen up their birds. You can’t have a weak showing like this in a game against a rival. The goose did end up kicking out at the 2 count, but then he ran away, which is probably worse than just getting beat in the first place. Take your lumps, goose, and don’t bounce a check your ass can’t cash.

I’ve never been in a fight, nor do I have any desire to. Outside of hockey fighters, (who I respect the hell out of), I have no desire to fight someone, I just don’t see the point. I would much rather hang out at a bar and instigate fights between people much dumber than me. Just sit back and watch the magic happen after you tell the guy in the TapOut t shirt that the guy across the bar in the cargo shorts told you his girlfriend’s makeup makes her look like a clown. I also won’t jump into a fight with people either. I don’t care if it’s my best friend and my mom starting shit, I’m not going to risk getting punched in the face because you can’t hold your liquor.


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