What is wrong with college kids?


(Source) Dear College Students,
I remember the stress of college. The anxiety of papers due. The uncertainty of relationships. The concerns about what I was going to do after graduation.
I get it. It’s tough.
I also remember professors who challenged our perceived notions of “right” and “wrong.” I recall being exposed to movies, books and papers that I massively disagreed with. Looking back, I can visualize the heated debates between people with different perspectives. I can almost hear the yelling, the screaming, the passion and the CHALLENGES.
You’re studying and learning during the Industrial Revolution of our generation. It’s exciting. It’s encouraging. It’s liberating. And yet somehow, it’s also leading to your wussification.

Kyle Reyes for President! Reyes 2016! What an outstanding piece of literature from the CEO of Silent Partner Marketing. If there’s one thing* I cannot STAND these days it’s these horrible whiny college kids. These kids are ruining college! The absolute best 4 years of your life! It’s a suspended reality in which you drink 4 (read 6) nights a week, and have little to no responsibility. In my case, I had to be up at 8am for an ice skating class. That was my hardship during college, having to be up an hour later than I get up now every single day for work. These kids are the same ones that you give dirty looks to at the grocery store because their parents don’t discipline them because they’re too busy telling them how special they are and wiping their asses for them until they’re like 16 . I hate the parents more than the kids I think. It’s their fault we’re where we are today. Those parents, who undoubtedly were the life of the party at school, I’m sure, are passing their no fun genes on to their liberal art major kids, and it’s infecting the rest of us.

I’m just glad I went to college when I did. My alma mater is now a hollow shell of its former self. There’s about half a bar left in a town of around 5K people, and you can’t have house parties because kids keep dying. If I were in school today and this were the case, where I had to fight my way Indiana Jones style through throngs of protesters to every goddamn class, I probably would have just stopped going altogether. Keep your protests you morons, more fun for the rest of us.

*there are many things, but humor me


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