Don’t like hunting but love the taste of venison? Well, has Washington State got great news for you!


(SOURCE) Starting July 1, motorists can legally salvage deer or elk killed in motor vehicle accidents in a new rule that was recently approved by the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission.
Washington state joins nearly 20 other states, including Idaho and Montana, in allowing the public to salvage roadkill wildlife.
There are some hoops to jump through before this state’s motorists can begin eating roadkill.
Those hoops include obtaining a free salvage permit within 24 hours of taking possession of a deer or elk killed in a motor vehicle collision; removing the animal’s entire carcass, including entrails, from the road right of way; not killing an injured elk or deer found in order to get a salvage permit; not using big game licenses and tags in lieu of a salvage permit for deer or elk killed in a motor vehicle collision; only law enforcement officers or individuals authorized by fish and wildlife may euthanize a deer or elk injured after a motor vehicle collision.

Just like the Native Americans who’ve inhabited this land since the dawn of time. Living off the land. You eat what you kill. You use every part of the animal and thank its spirit for its sacrifice. Or, if you live in Washington, you grab a shovel out of the trunk, scrape it off the pavement, and tie it to the roof of your ‘96 Dodge Caravan and you’re on your way home without having to stop for pizza for your whiny kids.

What a great law. How many times have you been driving down the highway, hit something, and thought “boy that looks delicious,?” Never? Me either. I’m pretty sure that meat you hit with your car is probably all busted up anyway. Which brings me to my favorite quote from this story…

“Motorists should also be aware of the implications of taking meat that is unfit for consumption. The Wildlife Department states that individuals who salvage and eat roadkill do so at their own risk.”

I’ve got some news for you Washington State Department of Wildlife, if you’ve got people willing to peel Bambi off of I-90 and take him home to feed the youngins, I highly doubt they’re worried about whether or not what they’ve just loaded in the Astrovan is fit for human consumption.

This law seems like a great deal for stoners though. Got the munchies? Who needs Taco Bell, just go hang by the free way and with a little bit of patience, and some luck from Mother Nature, your fourthmeal will run right into oncoming traffic. Don’t feel bad, this is just the circle of life, it’s what nature intended.


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