This week in Alliance, OH….


ALLIANCE >> An Ohio man who got a police officer’s help to find a bit of marijuana lost in his yard has been charged with misdemeanor drug abuse.
The patrolman’s body camera video shows an intoxicated man admitting he lost the drug. The Alliance officer says he doesn’t want children to find it and then locates it in the grass.
The man asks if he’d throw it back on the ground. The officer refuses.
Police say the officer had found the man stumbling along the road and tried to get him home safely.
Some commenters suggested the man has an alcohol problem and criticized Alliance police for sharing the video on Facebook.

Have a week Alliance! This place is a goldmine for content. I am officially declaring Alliance, OH my favorite place in the continental US. First, we’ve got the world’s greatest meth dealer with his phone ringing off the hook left and right, and now the drunk guy who lost some weed in his front yard. This poor guy just wants to relax a little bit, and he loses his weed in his yard. Classic mistake, happens to the best of us. Losing weed in your yard is mistake number 1. Mistake number 2?

Being extremely drunk and looking for it with a police officer. That’s never going to be a good time. Best case scenario? You get arrested for being super drunk in public. Worst case scenario? You find the weed, get arrested, and then get charged for possession, AND being super drunk in public. Just overall not a good look. Here’s to you, Alliance, and your crazy, drug obsessed residents. I am hoping to make a visit out there soon, just to see what all the fuss is about, and maybe grab some Chinese food.


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