The Bills want a trade, and will likely select a QB


There’s no way that this will turn out poorly. I mean, how could a Rex Ryan led team, the same Rex Ryan that drafted Geno Smith after his atrocity vs Syracuse (SYRACUSE?!?!?) in his last college game. The team whose most recent QB draft choice managed to blow a game vs the Jacksonville Jaguars not once, but TWICE in the same game. I’m not sure how that’s even possible.

This team has had 14 starting QB’s since Jim Kelly retired. 14. They’ve ranged from washed up former greats (Drew Bledsoe) to career backups (Orton, Van Pelt). Trent Edwards probably has had the most upside as a Bills QB so far. They were 5-0 going into that fateful game in Arizona where Edwards got hit so hard that he voted for Woodrow Wilson in the next election. I have a lot of faith in Tyrod Taylor. He did what many of the greats today have done, sat behind a seasoned vet for a few years, and got his chance after being patient. Had he been thrown to the wolves as a rookie he’d have suffered the same fate as so many before him a la David Carr/Jamarcus Russell (minus the lean) etc.

The draft kicks off this week, and I can assure you that as soon as we’re 3 rounds in, I’ll be back to my Blind Bills Optimism™ that I roll into every season with. Pass the Blue Lights. In Terry We Trust.


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