Ohio police are annoyed by people calling a drug dealer while they’re trying to search his phone


(Source) Police in Alliance would like prospective drug purchasers to stop calling a suspected drug dealer’s phone so that they can search the device without being interrupted.
Police arrested Steve Notman Tuesday night after they say he was seen on video selling methamphetamine.
Police are trying to search through texts and contacts, but they say that the constant stream of calls and texts is “really annoying.”

Let’s check back in with our good friends in Alliance, OH. The same Alliance, OH with the lady who was arrested for calling 911 over her shitty chinese food. Well now they’ve arrested the man, who has got to be the only drug dealer in town, for (ALLEGEDLY!) selling meth on camera. His phone won’t stop ringing off the hook now as potential clientele are calling in day and night for a taste of that sweet, sweet crystal release. The police say it’s annoying to search his phone while all of the texts and calls come in. You know what’s annoying? When you’re trying to buy crystal meth and the cops arrested your dealer. THAT’s annoying. I can guarantee the itch for meth is probably about 100 times more annoying than having to decline calls and texts from people who are essentially turning themselves in and doing your job for you.

I bet Steve Notman is annoyed too. He’s gotta sit in jail while all of this potential money is slipping right through his beat up, probably dirty, fingertips. He’s rotting in a jail cell while his phone blows up with clients calling in from all over the Greater Alliance Metro area. I wonder what his advertising strategy was, word of mouth? Was he the only meth dealer in town? Did he have a YouTube channel? Must have been doing something for the number of texts the cops were receiving to be that annoying. Moral of the story? Let the man sell his meth, and then nobody is


2 thoughts on “Ohio police are annoyed by people calling a drug dealer while they’re trying to search his phone

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