Why does JFK need a bathroom for dogs?


(Source) Little Simba couldn’t wait to check it out.
The toy poodle was among the first to try a special bathroom just for animals at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, among a growing number of “pet relief facilities” being installed at major air hubs across the nation.
“There’s a fire hydrant in there!” Simba’s owner, Heidi Liddell, announced as she opened the pawprint-marked door between the men’s and women’s rooms.
It didn’t take long for the dog to sidle up to the little red hydrant atop a patch of artificial turf and do her business. A dispenser of plastic doggie bags and a hose was provided for the owners to clean the area up for the next pet.

I love dogs. They’re man’s best friend, they’re loyal, and perhaps best of all they’re not cats. To give dogs their own bathroom at the airport still seems like a bit much for me. We got people boycotting entire states over bathroom rights, and along comes JFK just building bathrooms for dogs. People are complaining that for their business to build a third bathroom option for humans in all of their locations would just cost too much, and in comes JFK with a big fat “uhhhh yeah, we made a shitter for dogs.” Big time shots fired at North Carolina. Good going you try-to-be-southern-but-really-we’re-being-overrun-by-people-from-Upstate-New-York  bigots, you’ve really done it this time.

Does JFK have nothing better to worry about? That airport is consistently voted one of the worst in the world, and I can guarantee you that nowhere on anyone’s list of complaints was “No Dog Bathrooms.” That was probably down somewhere near the “There’s no 16 Handles (yet)” and “The tile on the floors is kind of cold if I take off my Uggs” options. Perhaps JFK add a few more power outlets, and take a really long look in the mirror before getting their priorities in ord


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