Can we stop talking about deflategate?


I’m asking politely.

What has it been, a year and a half now? The Pats lost in the Conference championship to Denver. The Colts didn’t even make the playoffs. As a Bills fan this pains me to say, but I don’t think Tom Brady needs to be suspended. Don’t get me wrong, I’d gladly have him not play the Bills at Gillette during week 4, but I really think this entire thing is getting ridiculous and has been since it first happened. There have been multiple experts in both football and air pressure (bet they are fun at parties)  who have come out and said that nothing was done wrong. Should Tom have lied and destroyed his phone? Probably not. Should the Pats have an equipment manager on staff named “The Deflator?” Again, probably not. But can we please just move on already?

The worst part about this entire fiasco is that I have to go another season listening to hillbilly Bills fans using horribly unoriginal names to make fun of a franchise that has had slightly  more success in the last 16 years.. If I have to hear “Belicheat,” “Cheatriots,” Or any combination of Brady rhymed with Shady or Lady this season (with or without reference to a certain australian sheepskin boot brand) I’m going to buy a barrell and Sam Patch myself over Niagara Falls. So, to wrap up, let’s just stick to drinking Blue Lights and doing moonsaults through flaming tables. That’s what #billsmafia is all about, not whining about what goes on in Foxboro. I can promise you, deflated footballs have had nothing to do with recent Bills-Pats outcomes.

P.S. Stop calling everything -gate. Watergate made sense because it was the name of the hotel at which the scandal took place. We’re just being lazy now. Let’s be better.


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