I Deserve A Medal


I’ve done it. I survived what can only be described as a human rights violation. I made it back from San Diego in a middle seat between 2 people that know each other. Now I don’t mean they know each other like, “hey, good to see you! How have you been?” *puts in headphones and pretends to sleep for 6 hours*

I mean, “Hey we’re married but should DEFINITELY buy tickets in an aisle and window seat, and make this kind, generous man between  us wish he’d never been born.”
So for 6 hours, these people talked, passed things back and forth, and ate lunch together over my warm, wishing-it-was-dead body. At one point, they watched a movie and I thought I was in the clear, but it turns out I just had a front row seat to listen to Siskel and Ebert give their full page op-ed on “The Good Dinosaur.” Let’s just say if this flight had been on rotten tomatoes, it would have received a 90% “Pop open the emergency exit door and wish for the best” rating.

The worst part of this WHOLE experience, though, was when we reached lunch time. At some point between takeoff and landing, just between the points of “I wish I was on a no fly list” and “I’d rather be watching the last 20 minutes of Marley and Me on loop,” came the tuna fish sandwiches. TUNA FISH. ON. AN. AIRPLANE. The Geneva Convention not covering this was a glaring oversight. I was stuck in between 2 fishmongers that smelled like high noon in August at a Bangkok public market. But hey, at least my bag made it to my final destination so I can do laundry tomorrow. So there’s that. Silver linings.

Without exaggeration, I would have MUCH rather been on a plane full of kindergarten kids that had just left a peers birthday party where they had been free basing powdered sugar. At least that’s something that noise cancelling headphones can overcome. Until they make Terrible-Traveling-Ettiquette-Canceling Headphones, count me out.


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