Parents suing son’s school because they say the Wifi signal is making him sick


(SOURCE) The parents of a student at a private Massachusetts school have filed a lawsuit claiming the school’s Wi-Fi signal made their son sick.

The parents, referred to as Mother and Father in the complaint, said their 12-year-old son, a student at the Fay School in Southborough, suffers from electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome, a condition aggravated by electromagnetic radiation. The condition causes headaches, nosebleeds, nausea, and other symptoms.

The Telegram & Gazette reports that The family is asking that the school to switch to Ethernet cable Internet, turn down the Wi-Fi signal in the boy’s classroom, or make some other accommodation. The suit also seeks $250,000 in damages.

I have some baaaad news for Mother and Father, but Son is in for a long life. I mean is it just the school’s wifi? Do they need a new router? Is this all Time Warner Cable’s fault*? So many unanswered questions! And meanwhile we have Son over here getting his brains scrambled by the wifi signal. I suppose I feel for the little guy, since I have similar symptoms any time I’m away from the wifi for too long. Different strokes for different folks I suppose, Best of luck to Son in his battle with wireless internet, and I hope that some day he can spend hours mindlessly wasting time on this beautiful bastard that we call the World Wide Web like the rest of us.

*Yes, probably


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