The Ohio Woman Getting Jail Time for Complaining to 911 about her Chinese food got what’s coming to her


(SOURCE)The Ohio woman who called 911 to complain about her order of Chinese food has been sentenced to three days of jail time and some fines. Tracey F. McCloud, 44, of Cleveland, misused a 911 call when she told the dispatcher the Chinese food she’d ordered from a local restaurant was “not up to par for her liking.” After police determined the woman had no real emergency, she was arrested and charged with misuse of 911, a misdemeanor. She will report to jail in November and will pay a $250 dollar fine.

Gee, I’m sorry lady. Did you think that you were getting your Chinese food delivered straight from Guangzhou? Last I checked, you’re ordering from a Chinese restaurant in Alliance, OH. Now, I’ve been to Ohio quite a few times, and I can’t say that once, in ANY of the towns I’ve visited, that I’ve said “Hey, I bet the Chinese food here is excellent.” So you know what you’re getting into when you order Chinese food, shitty greasy “meat” that will leave you hungry in a half an hour. And thus, I agree whole heartedly with any sentence that this woman might receive, she knew what she was getting into.

What I would like to know though, is how every Chinese restaurant in the US is owned by actual Chinese people. Not “my grandma was 1/16th Chinese” but full blown, 100% Chinese people. What brought that restauranteur (if you want to call it that) to Alliance, OH? Is there some kind of network in China that provides you with a random town to open a restaurant when you move to the US? Seriously, where do they find these places? More power to them, but I find it hard to believe that anyone, let alone some Chinese Emeril, has dreams of opening a business in Alliance, OH. If this whole blogging thing doesn’t work out, maybe I’ll try a similar “throw a dart at a map of the US and open a restaurant there” approach.


One thought on “The Ohio Woman Getting Jail Time for Complaining to 911 about her Chinese food got what’s coming to her

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