Portland Woman’s Winning House Bid Includes Free Pizza For Life


Donna DiNicola, owner of DiNicola’s Italian Restaurant in southeast Portland, might have been joking when she offered the pizza, but it worked. Her offer for a 900 square foot (83.6 sq meter) house in southeast Portland for her 23-year-old son was accepted.

“It was really a joke,” she said. “I swear to you I did not know that made it into the paperwork.”

DiNicola, who has been in business for 38 years, saw the Portland market heating up and encouraged her two sons to start looking.

“I thought, well time is ticking and we’ve got to get into this market,” she said, adding the house was perfect even though it was at the top of their price range after offering $275,000 and two months of free rent for the sellers.

Now THAT’s how you win a biding war! When it comes to the cut-throat, dog-eat-dog world that is real estate, some people have that “it” factor, and some people don’t. Ms Donna DiNicola is one of those “it” people.

I’m pretty sure I could be convinced to do just about anything for free pizza for life. Lick the subway floor? Yep. Eat out of a dumpster behind a Vietnamese restaurant? You bet. Give up beer? Absolutely! (Ok, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, but you get the point.) Pizza is the great equalizer. The end all, be all. If Donna DiNicola can win herself a house with pizza for life, who knows what else we can do.

Now someone fire up the ovens and let’s send a few ‘zas over to those ISIS bastards and see if we can’t make some headway.


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