Dude with a million tattoos gets some new ink….on his eyeballs


(The Mirror) A man with more than 100 tattoos has inked the only blank place he had left on his body – his eyeballs.

Ted Richards, known as the ‘parrot man’, has 110 tattoos, 30 piercings and seven implants covering his body.

The 56-year-old has had pretty much every kind of body art done, including splitting his tongue in half and having five transdermal implants – objects being placed beneath the skin,

He has three beads down his forehead and two horns implanted, but in his latest feat, has inked his eyeballs.

Retired shoe factory worker Ted, from Hartcliffe, Bristol, said: “With the eyes they have to put a needle in five or six times to each and you feel that, but after it’s in, it’s fine.

Ah the tattoo…everyone’s favorite just-turned-18-and-I-want-to-rebel-but-not-really mistake. I’m not a tattoo guy, partially because I couldn’t decide on something that I wanted permanently stuck to my body, but mostly because I live the live of a small, scared child.

The people I talk to say that getting a tattoo on your ribs is one of the most painful places to get ink. I also have never spoken to someone who calls themselves “Parrot Man” and tattooed his god damn eyeballs.

If anything, this is a testament to Parrot Man’s awful friends. If I told my buddies that I was going out to permanently color my skin to look like a tropical bird, they’d probably say “Hey dude, that’s a really stupid idea, but you should totally do it.” And then I wouldn’t just to spite them because my friends are assholes.

Parrot man doesn’t have friends like that, and that’s why he has tattooed eyeballs. I’d take my asshole friends any day, over no friends at all.


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