Etsy Won’t Let Witches Sell Spells


(Source) Etsy is home to crocheted beer koozies, homemade quilts, curated vintage clothing and artisanal jewelry. But if you want to buy a magic potion or pay a witch to bring bad luck on your ex, you’ll have to look elsewhere — The Daily Dot’s Jaya Saxena reports that the popular craft site has banned the sale of spells and other supernatural services.

Saxena reports that when eBay banned the sale of similar goods and services in 2012, many supernatural vendors found sanctuary at Etsy instead. Now they claim that the site has not only changed its rules about “metaphysical services,” but is shutting down stores.

An anonymous vendor told Saxena that Etsy used to allow the sale of hexes and spells as long as they neither guaranteed results nor produced something tangible. The source tells Saxena that Etsy is enforcing its new rules without warning.

This is it folks, the communists have won.  I was under the impression that in these great United States of America, I was allowed to sell anything I wanted if people were stupid enough to pay for it. Well thanks to Etsy, now all I can sell are crocheted underwear, and awesome Nicholas Cage memorabilia.

What we have here is just pure insensitivity. Who is to say that someone doesn’t have magic powers? Just because I can’t make a Maserati disappear, or stick a railroad spike through my neck like I’m Criss Angel, doesn’t mean that I’m not a witch in my own right. Just take a look at me on a good hair day, and tell me with a straight face that there’s no higher powers at work.

That’s what I thought….


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