A man and his nephew win a storage unit in an auction…aaaaaaand it’s a meth lab


(SOURCE) A man and his nephew in California got a little more than they expected when they won an auction for an abandoned storage unit.
At Cubesmart in Rancho Cordova, units are auctioned when renters default on them for longer than 45 days, according to NBC affiliate KCRA. Some people buy these units and resell them for a profit.
Carrie Underwood, Brother-in-Law Rescue Infant Son
The two men won one of the units with an $80 bid, according to the station. However, it contained a box full of hazardous, old-fashioned equipment used to make meth.
Narcotics officers told the station that the material was so toxic, hazmat specialists had to be called out.

Not a bad day at the ole auction, if you happen to be Walter White. This is the risk you run when you head out to bid on the storage unit of someone that either couldn’t afford to pay the bills, or skipped town for no reason. Either you get a unit full of junk, a unit packed to the gills with priceless, rare art, or a unit with a fully functioning meth lab that requires a team of police outfitted in HAZMAT suits to remove. You win some, you lose some.

It’s got to take some serious brass to be cooking meth in a storage unit, or at all for that matter. I get weed. You grab some special lights and a pot of dirt and water it every day. I get shrooms. Just grow some mushrooms in a pile of shit. But to willingly perform science experiments daily that could potentially turn your home/storage unit into a shed sized cherry bomb takes a special kind of crazy. One minute you walk into your lab like some kind of Mendeleev reincarnate, the next you end up like Mickey Rourke in the final scene of Spun. And if you do that, you’re not going to have a good time. Trust me on this one.


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