Dear God…It’s happening


Couple days late, but I was on vacation so sue me. We all knew it was coming, but here we are. Rob Ryan’s little visit to Buffalo in November was more than just that. Rob Ryan is now a defensive coach for THE Buffalo Bills.
I have no choice but  to lose hope over all of this, as I can’t imagine the already sieve-like defense can get any better with one of the games worst defensive coordinators at the helm. Rob Ryan, the man who allowed the Saints defense to be on pace allow the highest opponent QBR in NFL History before he was canned, will be helping to inspire a Buffalo defense that finished in the middle of the road this season.

I’m over the Ryans, but I have faith that Saint Terry knows what he’s doing and will help us get to the playoffs this year. If not, there’s always 2017…..

UPDATE: The Ryan brother’s have been spotted riding a tandem bike around Buffalo. This will be an analogy for the season, whether that’s good or bad is TBD.




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